Our Vision

Our heart and vision is to make the transforming power of the Gospel a reality to every person in the Bessemer City area.

In order to do that we believe God has a great vision for the kind of church he wants us to be.  When you see a church, what do you see?  At First Wesleyan…

WE SEE A CHURCH where the presence of God is absolutely undeniable, and the power of the resurrection is not only believed, but experienced and lived out to the fullest. WE SEE A CHURCH where people are walking from death to life in Christ each and every week.

WE SEE A CHURCH where love and grace are freely found and freely given.  WE SEE A CHURCH where all who come in feel warm, welcomed, and loved.  WE SEE A CHURCH where captives are set free, the broken made whole, the weary lifted up. 

WE SEE A CHURCH where marriages are restored, families learn to thrive, and relationships are mended.  WE SEE A CHURCH that bridges the gap between young and old, rich and poor, over privileged and underprivileged, black and white and every color in-between.

WE SEE A CHURCH that transforms the community around them, and even the world, with the love of Christ.  WE SEE A CHURCH that is not afraid to get their hands dirty, take risks, and charge the darkest places with the light of Christ. WE SEE A CHURCH that is known for it’s love. 

WE SEE A CHURCH where every member of the body realizes they are gifted, essential, and a part of the whole.  WE SEE A CHURCH where everyone is involved and on mission together.  WE SEE A CHURCH where life and community take on new depth as we all play our part.

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